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Mission & Vision

Our Pursuit of Digital Transformation

At our core, we exist to provide unwavering support for lighting businesses seeking to upgrade and optimize their sales, marketing, and communication operations within lighting’s unique B2B space. Since 2015, we have transformed how Agencies, Manufacturers, and the Specification Community work together, and today, we continue to pioneer a future where every company in the industry can easily adapt to more streamlined workflows.


We are obsessed with improving how our industry communicates, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and promoting collaboration, ultimately contributing to more effective problem-solving for individuals, teams and communities.


"We are a customer service company, that just so happens to know software & lighting very well."

It's not just a saying, it's a core value. Our team is proud to place our industry relationships at the highest level.

Shared Triumphs

Real customer success statements that showcase amazing outcomes and our commitment to unparalleled solutions.


"The Lighting Exchange has been an amazing conduit for us by streamlining many complex parts of our day-to-day, both client-facing and internal for our Agency."

Ryan Weiss

VP of Specification Sales - SCI Lighting Solutions

"The Lighting Exchange is an elegant, straightforward solution that has unclogged our product launch process. There's a tangible difference."

Digital Marketing Strategist - Visa Lighting

This is Truly an Incredible Network

Henry Bradford

CSO & Executive Vice President - Kurtzon Lighting

As a community, together we can accomplish more.

30k+Lighting Designers, Architects, Engineers, Distributors, & Contractors


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There is nothing more important than fostering relationships within this great industry. So, let's connect and discuss how The Lighting Exchange is redefining engagement for all lighting professionals.

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The Lighting Exchange ®️ is the industry standard communications platform that centralizes
information shared between Lighting Manufacturers, Sales Agencies & Specifiers with a mission to
create a more efficient and effective B2B sales and marketing workflow.

We support the advancement of lighting through design, communication and technology.